BachirBoustani, Chairman of LPBNet, is a senior adviser to the oil and gas industry in which he has more than 40 years' of experience. He is well connected at all levels of the oil exploration and production divisions of the regional oil ministries and national oil companies.

Mr. Boustanihas 40 years of experience in the Energy industry. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, he started his career at Schlumberger in 1975. He served in several Managerial, Marketing and Human Resources positions throughout the world. As Vice President for the Integrated Project Management in the Middle East and Asia, he was a key contributor to the success and evolution of the IPM concept in the energy service industry.

Bachir is also the Director Energy Consulting services and part owner of Applicom at Dubai Internet City. He is engaged in several consultancy agreements with International Oil & Oil Service Companies, New service company start-ups, New Technology development companies, Private Equity firms, Investment banking, Consultancy firms & Mergers and acquisitions ventures.


Executive Committee will be announced soon after the voting session

Executive Directors

Bachir Boustani
Chairman of LPBNet
Senior Adviser to the Oil and Gas Industry in which he has more than 40 years' of experience.
Dr. Elie Daher
President of LPBNet
An established Authority in the Oil and Gas Sector in the MENA region.
An Executive Vice President for United Safety, Eastern Hemisphere based in Dubai, UAE.

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